1) What happens with the files opened by the debt recovery company Balaniscu and Associates?

The steps to recover the debts that you have to recover from others includes amicable way and the judicial way. We contact your debtor, we make visits to him and try to convince him to pay the debts. If he is not willing to pay it, we go in court to obtain a court order that we can execute him.
The amicably way includes: phone calls to the debtor, payment notifications, visits to the debtor.
Usually, we are solving cases on amicably way.

2) How much time the debt recovery procedures takes?

Usually, the debt recovery procedures takes about 1 month, but in instance it can take up to six months!

3) Wich are the necessary documents to recover the debt?

We need for information about your debtor, the names, phone call, address and the amount that you have to recover. Also, we need a copy of the invoices and contracts if you have.

4) What happens with a debtor that is not paying his invoices?

In that case, we recomend the judicial way to obtain a court order. After that, we also follow the amicably way and the execution way.

5) Why the creditor cannot talk with the debtor without our advice?

If we administer your file to recover the debt, we recommend that you talk with the debtor when we tell you because your intervention may cause the debt recovery procedure. This is from experience. Also, we may loose the authority in discussion with the debtor.

6) How are the delay penalties calculated?

In case you want to recover the delay penalties, you have to specify that in the contract or invoices. Otherwise, you can recover only the legal delay penalties wich are not so consistent.

7) Does the services of a debt recovery company affect the relationship between the creditor and debtor?

We have clear procedures that does not affect the partenership between the creditor and the debtor. We also may administer your invoices. Our idea is that you have to focus on your business, not on the debt recovery services, wich is a specialized service. This is our core business and we are trying to do the best.